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The tradition of annual road professionals meetings in Ekaterinburg, Russia, began in 2006, on April, 26 when the first Ural regional road conference “Road construction materials: technologies and quality improvement” took place. It was a local company “Avtostrada” that initiated the event and has been operating it ever since.

The mission of the Conference was to launch a discussion on quality issues in road construction among regional authorities, engineers, construction materials producers and suppliers.

There existed a huge need for good motor ways in Ural as the industries prevailing in the structure of local economies highly depended on efficient automotive logistics.

Ekaterinburg was chosen as a host city for the Conference since it was the Ural federal district main city, famous for its considerable impact on Russia economic development.

As the Conference was the only event of such a format on the subject in Ural, it got much attention. Over 100 professionals from different regions of Russia attended it.


The 2nd Ural regional road conference was dedicated to road policies (“Road strategy in the Ural federal district: efficiency, quality, innovations”).

That year the Conference became officially supported by:

  • The Sverdlovsk region government,
  • Federal state institution “Federal administration of roads of Ural” part of the Federal road agency (“Uralupravtodor”),
  • The Ural federal district branch establishment of Federal state institution “Direction of roadworks, technologies and materials monitoring” part of the Federal road agency (“Rosdortechnologia”),
  • The Sverdlovsk region union of construction industry enterprises,
  • The Ural federal district foundation for strategic studies,
  • Non-profit organization “Elitist Club of corporate conduct”.


The discussion was divided into three sections:

  • Roadworks and road construction materials quality;
  • Road building practical issues: technologies, constructions, equipment;
  • Research and development in road construction (innovations and implementation).

The participants noted that the most challenging questions were raised at the event and the discussions had practical outcomes.


2009 turned out to be rather hard for the economy of Russian Federation, which reflected on the road construction activity. Sverdlovsk region authorities admitted again the importance of the dialogue with businesses involved in road construction. The first deputy chairman of the Sverdlovsk region government, the minister of industries and science, Anatoly L. Gredin became the head of the Conference organising committee.

The 3rd Ural regional road conference “Innovations for road construction in the Ural federal district: efficiency and quality” was held on April, 23 as a part of an exhibition “The Ural building forum”. That collaboration increased the audience of the event and its practical results. A highly positive feedback from the participants was received. In conditions of the volatile economy, the communication was said to be the key factor of the innovative development. Informal debates gave a complex vision of the situation in the road sector and clarified the intentions of every party (regional governments, municipalities, public institutions, business).


On March 31, 2010 the 4th Ural regional road conference “Innovations for road construction in the Ural federal district: efficiency and quality” was held. In 2010 the Conference was organised within the framework of the exhibition “Special machinery & road equipment”.

Over 350 participants attended the Conference. Companies from Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Tomsk, Omsk, Tyumen, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area, Tatarstan Republic, Bashkortostan Republic, Udmurt Republic, Komi Republic, were represented there.

The program of the Conference was focused on quality in road construction projects delivery. As before, the collaboration between public authorities, scientific community and business was declared to be an essential component of right decision making in road construction sector.

The resolution of the Conference (free to download at “Resources” page of the web-site) contained a list of applied researches topics, supposed to have the highest potential for successful implementation in the road sector.


In 2011 it was decided to make new technologies implementation the main topic of the 5th Ural regional road conference “Innovations for road construction in the Ural federal district: efficiency and quality” (April, 19-20).

Over 400 participants gathered in Ekaterinburg to talk about road construction.

That year was the first time when a foreign delegation (CIS countries) visited the Conference.


The 6th Ural regional road conference had a new title – “Roads modernization: experience and prospects”. It was successfully held on April, 4-5 in Ekaterinburg.

The international Conference was attended by 478 road professionals from Russia and abroad (CIS, Germany).